This page contain a review of Depeche Mode's new album, 'Playing the Angel' by Billboard Magazine, as well as links to where to buy their T-SHIRTS and POSTERS. Also links to WORLD CUP 2006 tickets.

Billboard Magazine reviews PTA

Billboard Magazine review
*Album Title:* Playing the Angel
*Producer(s):* Ben Hiller
*Genre:* ROCK
*Label/Catalog Number:* Sire/Reprise
*Release Date:* Oct. 18
*Source:* Billboard Magazine
*Originally Reviewed:* October 22, 2005

Twenty-five years into its storied career, Depeche Mode charges back with
"Playing the Angel." The CD opens with "A Pain That I'm Used To," a gritty,
uptempo stomper with a killer chorus that sets the tone for much of the set.
It is followed by the inspired throwdown of "John the Revelator" and the
beeping bump of "Suffer Well." Any of those would make a great follow-up to
lead single "Precious," which blends tinkling programmed beats with crunchy
rock. Indeed, the bulk of the effort revels in dirty guitars and fuzzy
distortion while maintaining Depeche Mode's familiar electronic sound. The
band's last two studio albums have sold more than 1 million units combined
in the United States, and "Precious" is climbing the Modern Rock chart, so
prospects look good for "Playing the Angel."
— Keith Caulfield



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