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Originally posted on BONG Aug 2005

Topic: *** Playing The Angel - Review by Tomateradio

*** Playing The Angel - Review by Tomateradio
« on: Aug 18, 01:49 »

Hello, everybody. Well, for DM fans I'll start by saying this: this is
the darkest album Depeche Mode has released since Alan Wilder's
departure from the band, and it fucking rocks so much it hurts.

If you have heard the single 'Precious', let me tell you it's not
something you can measure the whole thing by, this one sounds heavier
and way more aggresive than Exciter or Ultra. There's no sweet 'It's no
Good' moment in Playing the Angel, it's dark as Depeche can be. It's
like the result of a sex encounter between Violator and Black

The first song is 'A Pain that I'm Used To', and this one starts with a
very annoying noise, very much like 'I Feel You', with the difference
this sound is more digital. Then you'll hear a great beat and ¡bang!,
the song starts. This one really encapsulates the whole sound of the
record, and it's one off the best tracks.

The second one, 'John The Revelator' sounds like a pissed off version
of 'Personal Jesus'. It's not that accesible, but has this march-like
feeling to it, and features a chorus that sounds like gospel but it's
done by Martin and Andrew I guess. It's the rockiest song on the album,
but I'm not sure this would work as second single.

'Suffer Well' is the first of three songs written by Mr. Gahan himself,
and it sounds like they did the same thing to it they did to 'Enjoy the
Silence': it was more like a ballad but they sped it up and sounds
terrific. You'll love it. By this moment you'll notice this CD is
insanely dark and menacing, and that's it's presonality.

'The Sinner In Me'. Oh, my dear Lord. This song kicks ass. It's some
sort of sinister thing, with tons of violent noises and David sounding
like some kind of demon. It truly is breathtaking and was one of my fav
tracks the moment it started. Very somber and beautiful song.

'Precious'. By this moment I was totally blown away. Those past four
songs are nothing like 'Precious', which is very soft and even
danceable. This single is beautiful, not as aggressive and daring as
the rest of the record. Anyway, you all know it.

'Marcovision' is the first Martin Gore moment in the record, and it's
the most forgettable of both. At first this song sounds like it was
taken out of Exciter, very basic, but when the chorus arrives it
developes it's full charge and really haunts you. It's slow but has
lots of strange sounds attacking your ears.

'I Want It All'. I think somwhere in the official press release you can
read this is the slowest song on the record. In some way that's the
case, and it's the second song by David Gahan, but it's very
interesting, though not that catchy or surprising. It's a good song and
that's it.

'Nothing's Impossible' is the third and last collaboration by Dave
Gahan, and it features the same kind of effect in his voice that was
used in Bono's voice on 'Zoo Station', or in Black Celebration in 'New
Dress'. It's like they're singing through some old speakers, but with a
digital twist to it. Really cool song, and another somber point.

'Introspectre'. I still don't know why Depeche Mode have decided to
name these musical bridges between songs. It's nothing awful, but it
will become boring with time and you will skip it. In fact, I think
I'll skip it when I get the CD.

'Damaged People' is Martin Gore's second and greatest singing moment in
the album. This one could've been a fragile ballad, but instead is
dressed like some violent femme fatale from hell. It's fucking catchy
and has this great melody to the lyrics that will keep you lusting for

'Lillian'. My God. this could easily be the second single for this
album. Very catchy, danceable and still so Depeche. By the title I
figured it would be another ballad, but when it kicked in it was like.
¡crap! Is this the eleventh song? This rocks!!! The chorus is
beautiful. It's everything 'I Feel Loved' wanted to be and couldn't. I
hope they think of this as the third single if they do 'John the
Revelator' as the second.

'The Darkest Star'. If you're a fan you already know the title of the
CD comes from this song. It's slow but very intense, and has a lot of
layered sounds that make it so big you will cum when it's finished. I
was hoping for something like 'Higher Love' or 'Clean' as a closing
number, and I fucking got it. Very disturbing sounds and awesome vocals
by Dave.

There you have it. I just listened to the thing once, I was hoping for
a second hearing, but the guys from Warner pulled it off when everyone
was already in trance.

I really don't think this could be a commercial success, it's kinda
heavy and too dense for today's radio taste, but I welcome that with
open arms as most part of the music played in the radio sucks hard.
Depeche Mode have done their best since Songs of Faith and Devotion.
Let's see how it grows inside of you once it's out.



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