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Orange County reviews PTA

Orange County review
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
New Listens: Depeche Mode, Stevie Wonder and more
Album reviews: Mode's best in a long time while Wonder delivers less variety.

The Orange County Register

Depeche Mode, "Playing the Angel" The brooding synth-pop pioneers' first album
in four years, and best in a long while, is nonetheless very-good-not-great for
the same reason that everything else post-"Violator" has been only marginally
memorable: It recycles, quite obviously so. Granted, reviving the exquisite
anguish and dark sensuality that marked the band's strongest period - check "A
Pain That I'm Used To" and "Suffer Well," both classic Depeche - makes for a
sonic leap forward after 2001's "Exciter," which sounds anemic and shriveled by
comparison. More than half of this one, in fact, stacks up favorably to
anything else they've done, and old admirers can hear why new acolytes are
calling it a comeback. But musically it breaks no ground, and thematically it's
all been said before.



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