This page contain a review of Depeche Mode's new album, 'Playing the Angel' by Playboy Magazine, as well as where to buy their T-SHIRTS and POSTERS. Also links to WORLD CUP 2006 tickets.

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Playboy review


-- Joshua Klein

Mixed receptions to 2001's Exciter and frontman Dave Gahan's 2003 solo bow
did not raise expectations for another Depeche Mode album. But Playing the
Angel, the group's 11th studio disc, proves the venerable act ever adept at
adapting to change. Not musically, mind you. Songs such as "John the
Revelator," "The Sinner in Me," "Damaged People" and "Precious" are as
Depeche Mode as they come, finding a balance between the crystalline chill
of Exciter, the murk of 1997's Ultra and the gloomy electro blip and bloop
of the band's '80s prime. Yet for once songwriter Martin Gore has
relinquished some control of the band, allowing Gahan writing credit on
three songs, all of which fit the Depeche Mode template to a (black) "T." As
for Gore's own compositions, songs such as "A Pain That I'm Used To" and the
stellar single "Precious" are tricky, matching the more rock-oriented
elements from the band's various commercial breakthroughs of the '90s with
the analog, industrial pulse of earlier works. Post-rehab and nearly a
decade after an overdose briefly stopped his heart, Gahan's singing is
stronger than ever, giving voice to Gore's inimitable doom and discontent,
as well as adding a touch of his own. But don't call it a comeback: Guiding
listeners in and out of the darkness has been Depeche Mode's claim to fame
for more than 25 years, and their ability to still creep close to past peaks
attests to their iconic status.



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