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Depeche Mode to cancel Pinkpop, London, Hamburg and Dusseldorf dates ? - an official announcement is to be made later today

Depeche Mode - Side-Line - May22012009

Pinkpop boss Jan Smeets has been quoted yesterday evening by the Belgian press agency Belga saying that Depeche Mode will most probably not be perfoming at this year's Pinkpop festival in Holland. Smeets says he's trying to book Oasis or The Prodigy as a replacement act. The Prodigy however announced on their Twitter account that they won't come to Pinkpop. In any case, the tickets for Pinkpop will not be refunded.

According to various reports more shows are off including London, Hamburg and the 2 Dusseldorf shows. An official announcement is about to be made today by the band's management Smeets said, but nothing happened. This news article will be updated the moment we get more news.

Update: In a response to Smeets would have said that Dave Gahan has undergone surgery in New York during which a tumor was discovered. Doctors would have said that it would be irresponsible to keep on touring in these conditions. It's unclear why the band does not just cancel the complete first part of the tour so that Gahan can recover at ease.

As we reported before, the lack of communication starts backfiring to the band. More and more fans are complaining about the complete lack of news. Here are just a few of many negative reactions pulled from the official Depeche Mode forum:

    "Please make an announcement and stop wasting our time, people have tickets, flights, hotels etc booked. I understand and appreciate that Mr. Gahan has been unwell and if that is still the case then there is nothing any of us can do. But what we can do is save our money just in time if the 02 in London is cancelled."

    "I couldn't agree more. Total silence from week to week, then a bunch of cancellations is no way to manage a major tour, or treat fans. Personally I feel very let down by the DM organisation as it feels like we are being treated with contempt. This is how false rumours start. Best wishes to Dave and hope you are well soon."

    "Mmm yes a bit of a PR disaster really. It must be difficult for all concerned but they (the management) seem to have shot themselves in the foot somewhat. Any kind of update would be better than being left in limbo like this. No wonder rumours abound - the only way to stop them is to issue some kind of message about how Dave is doing. We don't want to see his medical chart for crying out loud."

    "We will only get our tax minus a hefty cancellation fee back from our flights. We aint getting any statement tonight Paul. Like football fans, the paying fan is way down the list of priorities!"

    "I posted a thread about the lack of information and was told i'm not allowed!!! WTF is going on here? Oh and god forbid if you ask how dave is!! They can scrap the whole tour now....i just hope daves ok. Oh and we're not allowed to care."

    "Just because we've spent money, tons of money, to buy tix, to book train and hotel. Because even if we are fans, we have a life, a job, children... Because of that, we need to know what we'll be able to do /or not to do the next 4-5 days !!!!"

And the list goes on and on. Side-Line did point out from the early beginning that the lack of communication is and would be a serious problem.

Do you think that the matter has been properly handled or do you think that you have not been well informed? Let us know in the comment field below.


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